Allen Hardie

M, b. circa 1785
     Allen was born circa 1785 at Edgecombe, North Carolina, United States.1 He was the son of Allen Hardie and Martha Duggan. He married Sarah Leslie, circa 1828 at Wilkinson, Georgia, United States.
     Biography of Allen Hardie:
Allen Hardie (1785- ) was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina where his parents were living at the time. His date of birth is based on the 1850 Census of Lowndes County, Georgia wherein he states he was 65 years of age and born in North Carolina.

The earliest record of Allen Hardie (1785- )is an Allen Hardie Jr. listed as a participant in the 1805 Land Lottery from Washington County, Georgia at the same time as there is an Allen Hardie listed. This clearly suggests that Allen Hardie (1785- ) is the son of Allen Hardie (1745- ). Allen Hardie, Jr. drew a blank, which meant he didn't win in that lottery. It also indicates he was at least 21 years of age, single, and had lived in Georgia for at least one year. His father drew two blanks, which meant his father didn't win either, but it indicates his father was at least 21, had a family and had lived in Georgia for at least one year.

The names of Allen (1785- )'s children also suggest that he is the son of Allen Hardie (1746-1827). Allen (1785- ) named his second son Theophilus, likely after his brother, and his fourth son William Duggins, likely after his other brother and/or for his grandfather, William Duggan.

Allen Hardie was Commissioned an Ensign of the 136 District Company of Militia in Washington County, Georgia on 24 February 1808 [E.P. Newsome Notes - Original record in "Military Commissions Apr 2, 1806-Nov 20, 1809" at the Georgia Archives]. This is believed to be Allen (1785- ) because Allen (1747-1827), although living in Washington County at the time, was too old (51 years) to be an Ensign and entering military service. It is believed that Allen (1785- ) lived in Washington and Wilkinson County, Georgia near Allen (1747-1827) until the late 1820's.

On 4 Dec 1826 (ten months prior to the death of Allen (1746-1827) in Wilkinson County, Georgia), an Allen Hardie bought 80 acres of land (E 1/2 or SE 1/4 Section 14, Twp. 2 Range 3 north and east) in Leon County, Florida ["Florida Lands: Records of the Tallahassee and Newmansville General Land Office 1825-1892" p. 123]. This land is located on the western shore of Lake Miccosukee which separates Leon and Jefferson County, Florida. Theophilus Hardie also bought land in Jefferson County, Florida on 1 November 1827 about 5 miles to the east of Allen. William Hardie also bought land in Jefferson County, Florida on 30 December 1828 about 5 miles from Allen's Land in Leon County. This suggests that over a two year period we have three Hardie brothers moving into Florida about the time of their father's death.

Allen and his wife, Sarah Leslie, are living in Wilkinson County, Georgia in 1830. He apparently married Sarah about 1828, probably in Wilkinson County. We have yet to determine when Allen sold his land in Leon County and moved back to Wilkinson County, Georgia. Allen Hardie is not listed in the 1830 Census of Florida although William and Theophilus are. Allen thus likely sold out in Leon County, Florida and moved back to Wilkinson County about 1827-28. He may have moved back at his father's death in September of 1827.

Allen is next found in the 1850 Census of Lowndes County, Georgia with his wife Sarah and seven children. Allen is 65 born North Carolina and Sarah is 45 born Georgia as are all the children. Sarah is 20 years younger than Allen and may thus be a second wife.

The make up of the Allen Hardie family, below, is based on the above information. More research needs to be done. Documentation is difficult to come by as all the counties in Georgia that these folks lived in had courthouse fires that destroyed land, will, marriage and other valuable genealogical records thus requiring the use of secondary sources to show relationships.

Children of Allen Hardie and Sarah Leslie


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Louisa Lee Johnson

F, b. 16 September 1899, d. 5 December 1978
     Louisa was born on 16 September 1899. She married Joseph Dial Sullivan, son of Jefferson Dial Sullivan and Amanda Missouri Hicks.1 Louisa died on 5 December 1978 at Hamilton, Florida, United States, at age 79. Her body was buried in December 1978 at Hamilton (Burnham) Cemetery, Hamilton, Florida, United States.2

Child of Louisa Lee Johnson and Joseph Dial Sullivan


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Homer Elman Sullivan1

M, b. 21 September 1919, d. 18 March 1986
     Homer was born on 21 September 1919. He was the son of Joseph Dial Sullivan and Louisa Lee Johnson. Homer died on 18 March 1986 at age 66. His body was buried in March 1986 at Hamilton (Burnham) Cemetery, Hamilton, Florida, United States.


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Eula Elizabeth Hadden

F, b. 22 September 1915
     Eula was born on 22 September 1915 at Madison, Florida, United States.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Hugh Hadden and Juanita Annie O. Cottingham. She married Glenn E. Axen, on 20 September 1944 at Madison, Florida, United States.2


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