Searching for an Individual or Family

 You may search for individual names by using the Master Index or Surname Index in the top menu bar. Clicking on an person's name in the those indexes take you to the Person Page of that individual where you will be able to read what we know about that person.

If you know the name of the family you are interested in, you may click that Families name on the Main Page, under Family Genealogies or by clicking on Family Genealogies in the menu item at the top of any page.   That will take you to an Introduction page of that family.  That page has links to:

•         General Information on that specific family

•         Click on a Family Tree (or Descendant Chart) to see that families tree.

•         Click on List of Family Members to see all members of that family.

•         Click on any of the Notable Persons listed to learn about that person.

•         Click on any of the Documents, Photo or Articles about the family

Person Pages

The Person Page is the heart of this site as it contain most of what we know about the Person's and his family.  The Person Page can be reached by clicking on the name of any person in a chart, index, list etc.  The Person Page contains:

  1. The Name. Birth and Death date of the Person
  2. Dates and places of major events in the life of the individual.
  3. The name of the family(s) the Person is a member of. 
  4. Biographical and other Information about that person.
  5. A listing of all the known children of that Person.
  6. Citations citing the source of information. 

Hint: Clicking on the highlighted URL in the Citations will bring up an image of the actual source document.  Please note that some source images are on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints web site. now requires everyone to Create a Free Account in order to view those source images.

Hint: Click on the Family Explorer Icon  at the top of each Person Page to view a pedigree chart with known parents and siblings for that person. This is a convenient way to go directly to the person page of siblings, parents or grandparents.

Master Place Index

You may search for a place or location by clicking on the Master Place Index button in the top menu bar. By clicking on any of the places listed you will see a listing of all persons who participated in a genealogical event at that place.  This can be very useful in determining, for example, who was born or is buried in the same place.

Site Search

 You may also use the Site Search button in the top menu bar to search the entire site for any words, names or places.