This is a genealogy about Joanne Martin Wunsch (1735- ) and his wife Margaretha Fritz(1740- ) of Hilpertsau/Gernsbach Baden (now Germany) and their descendants who lived in Warsaw, Poland.

Family Origins 

The ancestral home of this Wunch family is the village of Hilpertsau, Baden, Germany.  The village of Hilpertsau is located in the Murg river valley about two miles south of the Town of Gernsbach in the northern part of the Black Forest mountainous area of southwestern Germany. Today, Hilpertsau is incorporated into the town of Gernsbach. The family was of the Roman Catholic faith and were members of the Catholic Churches in Hilpertsau and Gernsbach.  Between 1828 and 1831, Mathias Wunsch (1796-1873) removed from Hilpertsau following the death of his first wife Carolina Krieg (1799-1828) to Rettigheim, where he married Katharine Förderer in 1831. Rettigheim is a small town about 40 miles north of Hilpertsau and is the ancestral home area of the Förderer family.

German immigration records show that in 1834 Mathias Wunsch (1796-1873) and his family obtained permission to emigrate from Rettigheim to Poland.    It is not known what caused Mathias to move to Poland but he likely moved to Poland with members of his wife, Katharine Förderer's family as there were a number of Förderer families that emigrated to Poland at the same time as Mathias did.  Many Germany speaking people did migrate west to Poland and Russia at the encouragement of Alexander I of Russia. Lack of work, higher taxes, military subscription, and Catholic oppression following the Protestant Reformation no doubt played a part in that choice. Upon arrival in Poland the Wunsch family joined with other German immigrant families in the Catholic Churches in Warsaw. All of Mathias's daughters married ethnic Catholic Germans that were members of the catholic parishes in Warsaw.

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