This is a genealogy about František Peňaz (1685- ) and his wife, Kateřina Kuncová (1690- ) of Kuklik Moravia and his descendants who lived in Kuklik and America.

Family Origins 

The ancestral home of this Peňáz family is the village of Kuklik which is now part to the town of Snežné in the Ždár nad Sázavou District of the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic.  The village of Kuklik was established between 1500 and 1534 probably in relation to the establishment of a glassworks at Vříšt.  The village was originally named Výmyslice and charted by Jan of Pernštejn.  It consisted of 7 farms, 1 mill and 1 cottage along the Fryšavka River (really a creek).  Later it was called Kuklik possibly after Kukla Pond which was located at the head of the village. Water from the Fryšavka powered the hammer mills along its banks in Kuklik and down stream towns of Vříšt and Lišna using the water impounded in Kukla Pond.  The mills forged hand made iron products (grids, blades, metal tools, nails, etc.) from pig iron produced originally in Kadov and later in Kuklik from Kuklik iron ore mines.  Fir and Beech forests in the area produced the wood fuel to fire the glassworks and iron works.  These works and farming following the felling of trees to fuel the glass and iron works became the main occupation of local inhabitants. Records suggest that the Peňáz family first came to Kuklik in the early 1600's from Blatiny.  No doubt they were enticed to the area by mill owners to work in the glass and iron industries. 


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