Benjamin Townsend

M, b. circa 1764
     Benjamin Townsend was born circa 1764 at Orange, North Carolina, British Colonial America. He was the son of John Townsend and Cortney (--?--).
     Biography of Benjamin Townsend:
The earliest record we have found on Benjamin Townsend is a deed dated 4 September 1786 wherein George Trayweak, planter of Marlborough sells to Benjamin Townsend for the sum of 5 pounds sterling that “parcel of land containing One hundred acres more or less situate lying and being adjoining Lyght Townsend’s land whereon he now lives and hath such marks course and Shapes as is agreed on by the said parties … being part of a tract of land containing six hundred & forty acres granted to the said Geo Trayweak on the fifth day of June in the year 1786 by William Moutrie Governor & Commander in Chief in and over the State of South Carolina.” Signed. George Traweak, Witnesses: Wm Whitfield, John Hilson, Jessie John 1 It is believed that this Benjamin is the son of John Townsend, just as another deed dated the same day from George Trayweak to William Townsend, son of John Townsend was recorded. Benjamin would have had to be at least 21 years of age at the time of this deed thus placing his birth year at 1765 or earlier.

Benjamin also witnessed the following Marlboro County deed dated 3 March 1787 where an abstract of that deed shows: "Georg. Trawek of Cheraws District Malburg County to Mashack Gin of same. For 60 (?) pounds Sterling, 50 acres more or less on E Side of the three Creeks, joining Jacob Green, William Townsend, Robert Blear... being part of a tract of 640 acres granted to sd George Trawek 5 June 1785... George Trawek, Wit: George Trawek, John (His mark) Townsend, Benjamin (his mark) Townsend. Rec 5 Mar 1787 [Hard to Read]" 2

The household of Benjamin Townsend is found in the 1800 Census of Marlboro County listing 1 male age 26-45 (Benjamin), a female age under 10( his unknown daughter), and another female age 16-26(likely his unknown wife). We were not able to find further records that we believe relate to this individual in Marlboro County suggesting that he and his family moved out of the county after 1800. Attempts to locate him elsewhere in the United States after 1800 were not successful.


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James Long1


Child of James Long


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Sarah Sweeney

F, b. circa 1794
     Sarah Sweeney was born circa 1794 at South Carolina, United States. She married Samuel Townsend, son of Rhoda Townsend, circa 1815.

Children of Sarah Sweeney and Samuel Townsend

Vojtech Zoch1

M, b. 1949, d. 2002
     Vojtech Zoch was born in 1949.1 He died in 2002 at Račetice, Chomutov, Ústecký kraj, Czechia.1


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Tomas Kopecky1

M, b. 7 April 1975, d. 14 January 2000
7th great-grandson of Jan Buřval
1st cousin 10 times removed of Jan Buřval
Member of:
Burval Family of America and Czech Republic
Buřval Family of Janovice and Chicago
     Tomas Kopecky was born on 7 April 1975.1 He was the son of Jan Kopecky and Blanka Maskova.1 He died on 14 January 2000 at Račetice, Chomutov, Ústecký kraj, Czechia, at age 24.1


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