This is a genealogy about Hans Förderer (1609-) and his wife, Anna Appel (1610- ) of  Östringen, Baden, (now Germany) and their descendants who lived in Poland and Ohio.

Family Origins 

The ancestral home of the Förderer family is the village of Östringen, Baden, Germany.  The family was of the Roman Catholic faith and were members of St. Cäcilia Parish in Östringen.

The oldest Förderer ancestors and progenitors of this family that we have found to date are Hans Förderer (1609-) and his wife, Anna Appel (1610- ). The last person in our family to hold the Förderer name is Maria Katherine Förderer (1809-1857) daughter of Franz Förderer and Maria Eva Schumacher.  Katherine married Mathias Wunsch (1795-1873), in Saint Nicholas Church in Rettigheim, Baden in 1831.    In 1834, Mathias Wunsch (1795-1873), his wife, Katherine, three daughters and son moved from Rettigheim to Marki, a village 5 miles northwest of Warsaw, Poland. There they had several more children.  

******Note About German Naming Conventions 

Early German baptismal names are in Latin and consist of at two first names. The first name is that of a favorite Saint believed to convey good luck to the child. The first name was normally not used by that person, except in official or formal church documents. The second name, or call or common name, is the name everyone called that person and the name that person was know by. In all families it is common to find that all the male children have the same first name for the families favorite male saint and the female children have the same first name for the families favorite female saint. They will all have different second names by which they are commonly known.

Family Trees

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Notable People of Förderer Family

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  • Hans Förderer Progenitor of the Förderer Family of Östringen, Baden, Germany - We do not know his occupation
  • Maria Katharine Förderer (1809-1857) Last member of our family with the Förderer surname. Married Mathias Wunsch in 1831 and moved from Rettigheim, Baden to Marki, Warsaw, Poland