The Burival Family of the Czech Republic and America

This is a genealogy about Vaclav Burival (1710-1787) of Chlumec nad Cidlinou in the Czech Republic and his descendants who lived in Lanskroun and Chrudim in the Czech Republic and in O'Neil, Nebraska in the United States of America.

The Burival Name

The Burival surname is very rare and appears to be of Bohemian Czech origin. We first found it in the 1776 Church Records of Chlumec nad Cidlinou recorded in Latin as Burzival. Later it is recorded in German as Burziwal and in Czech as Buřival. We suspect that the Burival Family of this genealogy and the Burval Family of a companion genealogy are the same family with a spelling variation. However, we have not been able to establish that connection and until we can establish a relationship between these two families we are presenting them as separate families.

Migration Of The Burival Family

We found the Burival name first in the Church records of Chlumec nad Cidlinou in 1776. Unfortunately, the name disappears from Chlumec records by the 1841 death of Ignac Burival.

About 1820, Josef Burival (1801- ), a grandson of Vaclav Burival (1710-1787), removed from Chlumec to Chrudim where he married Josefa Drajerova to form a family in the Town of Chrudim where descendants remain to this day.

Also about 1820, Jiri Burival (1800-1866) another grandson of Vaclav Burival (1710-1787), removed from Chlumec to Lanskroun where he married Karolina Koberova to form a family in the Town of Lanskroun, many of which still live there today.

In the late 1890's Henry Frank Burival (1872-1923) a grandson of Jiri Burival (1800-1866) removed from Lanskroun to Nebraska, United States where he married Ludmilla Polak in 1898 to form a large family in Nebraska where his descendants remain to this day.

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