This is a genealogy about Thomas Brannen (1794-1865) and his descendants by his two wives, Nancy Donaldson  (1794-1842) and Sarah Ann (---?--) (1812-1885) of Florida.  

The Thomas Brannen family of Taylor County, Florida has a fascinating history which we have compiled. The Civil War completely split this family apart. Thomas and several of his son's sided with the Union and went to Cedar Key, Florida about 1864 as refugees from their home in Taylor Co., Florida. Thomas's younger sons, Francis, John and Houston joined the Union Army and were assigned to Vincent Key, south of Tallahassee, Florida. John was captured by Confederate forces while scouting in Taylor County for the Union Army and subsequently executed in Tallahassee by the Confederate forces. Thomas's oldest sons, Robert and William D. Brannen sided with the Confederacy. Robert, at age 54 enlisted in the Confederate Army and was captured by Union forces in 1864 and subsequently died in the Elmira, New York prison. His brother, William D. Brannen, although he did not enlist, served to organize the first troops in 1861 that did enlist in the Confederate Army from Bulloch Co. Georgia. It is impossible to imagine the terrible damage the Civil War did to family relationships, as well as, relationships with friends and neighbors after the war.

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  • The Belfast News Letter - 1772 These newspaper articles concern the passengers of the Ship Elizabeth that left Belfast, Ireland on or about November 16, 1772 bound for Savannah, Georgia. A Hugh Brannen signed his mark to a letter attesting to his good treatment aboard the Elizabeth prior to sailing.
  • Thomas Brannen Family and The Second Florida Cavalry An article about the Brannen family and its involvement with the 2nd Florida Cavalry of the Union Army during the Civil War by Brad Brannan.
  • Florida's Flaming Six Guns  A pulp fiction article about the wild west shooting wars between the Brannen Three Links cattle ranch and the Towles Lazy 20 cattle ranch. Although fiction, the article is based on real events involving the Brannen Family in Taylor County, Florida in the early 1900's.
  • Brannans A 1920 newspaper article about the Brannen family of Taylor County, Florida.
  • Robert Donaldson's 1844 Letter to His Son-in-law, Thomas Brannen